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When London’s advertising whizkid, Ajaz Ahmed, coined the phrase “the best advertising, isn’t advertising”, he was onto something.

The most memorable ads are remembered for their wit, one-liners, famous faces or the emotion they inspire. It’s every agency’s dream to nail a brief by getting the message across in a way that’s so innovative it creates brand legacy. And while there have been many great ads over time – it’s a hard task narrowing it down to the ten best!

Angela Metohianakis, Senior Account Executive of Gold Coast based creative agency, Nude Creative, has done just that. Whether you agree or not, the strength of the ads is that you most likely will be familiar with most of them.

  1. Not Happy Jan: Sensis (Telstra) for Yellow Pages
    When comedian Deborah Kennedy delivered her now-famous line, who imagined it would become cultural vernacular for Aussies wanting to calmly express annoyance in the face of seriously losing their cool. Not happy Jan, not happy.
    Watch the ad here
  1. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: Old Spice
    After some research indicated that men were using their wife’s or girlfriend’s body wash in the shower, and women were the ones responsible for buying said body wash, time-honoured men’s cologne company Old Spice felt the need to respond. It was a challenging brief – speaking to women without alienating men. “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” was the highly amusing result, aimed perfectly at both sexes while mocking advertising conventions.
    Watch the ad here
  1. #DoItForYourself featuring Serena Williams: Berlei
    It’s a brave new world for women, and big name brands are recognising this more than ever. Watching professional tennis player Serena Williams let loose and dance like no one’s watching sends a great message to women: do it for yourself (and no one else). Berlei as a brand happily takes a backseat in this ad to deliver a message more meaningful than the sell.
    Watch the ad here
  1. Get a Mac: Apple
    A series of ads so effortlessly competitive catapulted Macs onto a level playing field – and then some – with the industry goliath of the time, PC. The ads humorously divided people into two camps and made the consumer ask, “Are you a MAC or a PC?” It proudly highlighted the loyalty of Mac users, while PC users were left wondering what benefits, if any, were to be had from their machine.
    Watch one of the ads here
  1. Rhonda & Ketut: AAMI
    A simple ad spurred the greatest Australian love story of all time: Rhonda the AAMI Safe Driver, and Ketut her Balinese Romeo. What was so appealing about these two? Was it the fact that Rhonda was relatable, an Aussie version of the perpetually single Bridget Jones, finally finding love on a cliché holiday for one, with none other than the local bartender? We may never know, but using the line, you’re “hot like a sunrise” will no doubt win any woman over.
    Watch the ad here
  1. Campaign For Real Beauty: Dove
    When a campaign turns the tables on society’s beauty standards, it gets noticed not just by the consumers, but competitors who follow suit. Dove’s Real Beauty campaign sparked a revolution across women’s beauty industries – and it couldn’t have come sooner.
    Watch one of the ads here 
  1. Wassup: Budweiser
    Inspiration for this ad came from a copywriter who was handed a brief, based on how he and his friends actually greeted each other. Hilarious bro humour straight from the source, and when played in the middle of the Super Bowl, guaranteed to go mainstream.
    Watch the ad here
  1. Still Call Australia Home: QANTAS
    No other airline has promoted their brand message better than QANTAS with its Spirit of Australia campaign. Moving and evocative, its popularity spurred QANTAS to simply update the ad for years. Featuring the Australian Girls’ Choir and National Boys’ Choir, the song and the sentiment stays with you long after the ad ends.
    Watch the ad here
  1. Gorilla: Cadbury
    Who could forget the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad featuring a very realistic looking gorilla playing Phil Collins on the drums? Not only did it help boost Cadbury sales, Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” made it to number nine in the UK download chart.
    Watch the ad here
  1. Dumb Ways To Die: Melbourne Metro Trains
    A little black comedy goes a long way in this award-winning, animated ad about, well, all the dumb ways to die.
    Watch the ad here

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