Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable Clothing

How the fashion industry is shifting gear

For decades, the fashion industry flaunted its reputation for excess, but not so much the hidden exploitation. Now with the rise of social consciousness and consumer desire to minimise carbon footprints and track where and how products are made, the fashion industry is stepping into the 21st century. The result? A new wave of Australian brands offering stylish, ethical and sustainable fashion.

Sustainable clothing as a mainstay in the fashion industry has been a long time coming. Recently showcased at Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, the sustainable clothing trend has evolved from the growing desire to reduce our society’s impact on the environment and for people to act in a socially responsible way. Department store and high street brands have joined in, with Target and Zara developing their own lines, making sustainable clothing accessible to many at a reasonable price.  This new trend is a step in the right direction for the fashion world. These are the brands that are leading a fashion revolution.

Pure Pod

Founded in 2007 by ethical clothing advocate Kelli Donovan and photographer Sean Watson, the Canberra-based brand has been offering stylish, sustainable clothing for 10 years. Their clothes are made from biodegradable textiles, including organic cottons, hemp, bamboo and soya bean. Their styles are popular with many a socially and environmentally conscious fashionista. Not only tailored but casual as well, Pure Pod is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Pure Pod clothing can be purchased here.


Developed in Byron Bay where being environmentally conscious is the norm rather than exception, Bodypeace is the one-stop-shop for affordable men’s and women’s wear as well as homewares.  The brand aims to flatter all shapes through elegant styling, while having minimal impact on the environment in its production. The brand provides fashion that is adaptable and trans-seasonal, making it the perfect addition to a wardrobe that includes workout and gym wear. To shop Bodypeace, visit their website here.

Good Studios

Production designer and stylist Anny Duff established Good Studios in Adelaide in 2012 as more than a sustainable clothing brand. It offers its customers, both men and women, stylish pieces made from hemp, muslin, twill as well as recycled nylons. The designs are classically tailored yet on trend. The star is unisex hemp linen PJ suit pants, the choice of celebrities including Rihanna and Selena Gomez. To shop Good Studios, visit their website here.


Byron Bay leads the pack when it comes to sustainable clothing. Local brand Annuka appeals to the relaxed Aussie lifestyle, offering clothing made for comfort but with a designer look and feel. Annukka prides itself on eco-friendly clothes free from toxic dyes, and made with certified organic cotton. It comes at a price to rival many a high street store. The brand is currently stocked in over 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand and purchases direct from their website can be made here.